An eyelash lifespan

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  • 13 Sep, 2017

The human eyelash lifespan

Each of your eyelashes has a life span of just five months. If you were able to string together all the eyelashes you shed over the course of your
lifetime, they'd measure about 98 feet in length. (

The upper lid typically has about 90 to 150 lashes on it, while the bottom has between 70 and 80 lashes. Most eyelashes grow to be about 10 mm long (just over 3/8 inch).

Eyear Optical

By Staff Writer 28 Nov, 2017

Should you buy your eyeglasses over the internet? Well, of course, our answer is an emphatic “no.” But we don’t mind giving you some reasons for why we think it’s a bad idea other than it hurts our business and the local economy. First, though, it really does hurt the local economy and the independent opticians that depend on customer loyalty to maintain their business. Practices like ours go the extra mile to ensure that you have the best quality, an accurate prescription, and just as important an accurate fitting so that the prescription can work properly for you and your needs. You don’t get that over the internet. Sure you can type in the numbers, but all frames don’t work with all prescriptions…. even if you love the style. And without the expertise of an optician, you won’t know what will and won’t work for you until you’ve received the glasses in the mail and something “just isn’t right.” The lenses could be made exactly to your prescription, but the wrong frame choice, improper measurements, and fitting can create prism and aberrations that make you uncomfortable, ill and maybe even be a bit dangerous on the road.

Most states require that an optician work at each location. That’s for your protection. Labs don’t have to have this expertise on-site or any education requirements to fill prescriptions. What if they make a mistake? And of course, they do. Their technicians are human and are inputting information and processing the lenses. All humans make mistakes, even the really intelligent ones. Having a trained expert on the premises to check and evaluate the finished product and how it will work for the wearer is a critical piece of the process. And having someone close by that you can trust to care for you and your family’s eyewear needs is priceless. That caring and expertise come with every pair of glasses we dispense, whether you paid $39 or $1200. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get our years of experience, service, and care. It comes with every pair.  

By Staff Writer 26 Sep, 2017
 After the brain, the eye is the second-most complex organ in the human
body. The eye is home to about 107 million light-sensitive cells and 2
million moving parts that can process 36,000 bits of information every
hour. (source: &

Eyes blink about 12 times a minute, with each blink lasting for about
one-tenth of a second. (

Your retinas actually perceive the outside world as upside down. It's
your brain that flips the images. Each half of your brain receives half of
an image, and then they scramble the images together to compose the whole
picture. (
The first recorded mention of lenses was in 1263, when friar and
philosopher Roger Bacon wrote that lenses are useful for those with
"weakness of sight. (

By Staff Writer 13 Sep, 2017
Each of your eyelashes has a life span of just five months. If you were able to string together all the eyelashes you shed over the course of your
lifetime, they'd measure about 98 feet in length. (

The upper lid typically has about 90 to 150 lashes on it, while the bottom has between 70 and 80 lashes. Most eyelashes grow to be about 10 mm long (just over 3/8 inch).
By Staff Writer 29 Aug, 2017

“A finger print has 40 unique characteristics, but an iris has 256. That’s one reason retina scans are increasingly being used for security purposes.” (


“When attracted to someone, your pupils dilate by as much as 45%. Women with dilated pupils have long been considered attractive. In fact, Italian women in the Middle Ages used belladonna to self-dilate.” (


“If your eyes are blue, you reportedly share a single common ancestor with every other blue-eyed person on the face of the earth. (


“The first set of blue eyes showed up in the region of the Black Sea between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. Until then, everyone had brown eyes.” (


“If the human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels.” (

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

Do you remember the “Summer of Love?’ Well, you must be in your 60’s and you need to have a yearly eye exam to maintain good vision and eye health. How long has it been since you’ve listened to “When I’m 64?” The 50th Anniversary of the release of the Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is this year.

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

June is “Cataract Awareness Month.” The importance of early detection and treatment to preserve sight is critical. Regular eye exams not only give you your best vision but also help you to maintain good eye health.

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. Xperio UV polarized lenses now come in two new shades ruby and copper. They join the already popular emerald blue, plum and grape. Polarized lens provide the highest level of UV protection so they not only give the best performance of sun-wear but they also are idea for eye health….and they look great.

By Staff Writer 11 May, 2017
Summer is on its way and at Eyear that means sunwear! Warmer weather is here and the end of the school year approaches, making time for outdoor adventures fun and easy. But, increased exposure to bright sunlight and UV rays puts your family's vision at risk. This summer protect your family's vision with styles from Costa, Wiley X, Rec Specs, or any of our designer brands. When it comes to a great pair of sunglasses, don't forget the lenses. From versatile custom-tinted lenses that show off your style to high performance polarized lenses for eliminating glare, Eyear has your vision covered. Our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer means that you don't have to choose between clarity and comfort with a second pair as prescription sunglasses.
By Staff Writer 11 May, 2017

Legislation for medical marijuana is being considered in more and more states. Medical specialists have long listed its use as an option in the treatment of glaucoma to reduce eye pressure. “In a recent survey 13% think it’s a fantastic option for treatment of glaucoma; 14% needed more research; 32% were open to the idea; 39% thought that while it has its uses, glaucoma can be treated better with other options and 2% said absolutely not.” Invision, March 2017


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By Staff Writer 05 Apr, 2017

Daily disposable contact lenses basically sell themselves. While some people think they’re expensive, with the manufacturer’s rebate and the fact that no contact lens solutions are used the actual cost is about $1 a day. Fresh, comfortable lenses every day….ahh…bliss. For those parents who are concerned with their teenager being compliant and wearing contact lenses safely, this is the answer. Just throw the old lenses away each night and put in a fresh pair in the morning. They’re also the ideal solution for people who only wear contact lenses part time.

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