Ever feel like you're in a cattle chute at the slaughter house? "Moo!"

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  • 11 Nov, 2015
Eyeglasses and customer service
We were at Disney recently and several times we actually “mooed” and giggled as we shuffled through
some of the long lines on popular rides. But in actuality it felt a little demeaning to be herded through
the chute like an animal. It’s the process. We get it and do it…..but the bad feeling is still there.

At Eyear Optical, we want to make sure you don’t feel like just a number or one of many going through
the process. It’s our goal to take care of your eyewear needs and give you the service that you deserve.
We try to educate the consumer so that they can make enlightened decisions through the process of
choosing a frame and lenses to meet their individual needs and lifestyle. Every lens isn’t right for every
person, just as every frame doesn’t work for every prescription. That’s where our expertise comes in to
the process. Our staff is trained to offer you the best possible products for your prescription and to
allow you to make educated choices for your eyewear. You don’t need someone to twist your arm and
force you to make a purchase that won’t make you happy. You need a professional who will give you
information that you need to make a wise choice for your personal care, and that’s what we do.

Eyear Optical

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

Do you remember the “Summer of Love?’ Well, you must be in your 60’s and you need to have a yearly eye exam to maintain good vision and eye health. How long has it been since you’ve listened to “When I’m 64?” The 50th Anniversary of the release of the Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is this year.

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

June is “Cataract Awareness Month.” The importance of early detection and treatment to preserve sight is critical. Regular eye exams not only give you your best vision but also help you to maintain good eye health.

By Staff Writer 01 Jun, 2017

Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. Xperio UV polarized lenses now come in two new shades ruby and copper. They join the already popular emerald blue, plum and grape. Polarized lens provide the highest level of UV protection so they not only give the best performance of sun-wear but they also are idea for eye health….and they look great.

By Staff Writer 11 May, 2017
Summer is on its way and at Eyear that means sunwear! Warmer weather is here and the end of the school year approaches, making time for outdoor adventures fun and easy. But, increased exposure to bright sunlight and UV rays puts your family's vision at risk. This summer protect your family's vision with styles from Costa, Wiley X, Rec Specs, or any of our designer brands. When it comes to a great pair of sunglasses, don't forget the lenses. From versatile custom-tinted lenses that show off your style to high performance polarized lenses for eliminating glare, Eyear has your vision covered. Our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer means that you don't have to choose between clarity and comfort with a second pair as prescription sunglasses.
By Staff Writer 11 May, 2017

Legislation for medical marijuana is being considered in more and more states. Medical specialists have long listed its use as an option in the treatment of glaucoma to reduce eye pressure. “In a recent survey 13% think it’s a fantastic option for treatment of glaucoma; 14% needed more research; 32% were open to the idea; 39% thought that while it has its uses, glaucoma can be treated better with other options and 2% said absolutely not.” Invision, March 2017


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By Staff Writer 05 Apr, 2017

Daily disposable contact lenses basically sell themselves. While some people think they’re expensive, with the manufacturer’s rebate and the fact that no contact lens solutions are used the actual cost is about $1 a day. Fresh, comfortable lenses every day….ahh…bliss. For those parents who are concerned with their teenager being compliant and wearing contact lenses safely, this is the answer. Just throw the old lenses away each night and put in a fresh pair in the morning. They’re also the ideal solution for people who only wear contact lenses part time.

By Staff Writer 01 Mar, 2017

Save Your Vision month is held every March to increase awareness of better eye care. Worldwide over 285 million people have vision impairment. We tend to take our vision for granted, but only good eye care can help keep our eyes healthy and working well.

Some benefits of regular eye exams: Corrective measures can be taken immediately for decreasing eye sight. Good eye health can be maintained when eye diseases are diagnosed and treated quickly. Eye Exams often diagnose other health issues such as diabetes.

Computers are part of everyday life and have created a greater risk for eye strain and eye damage. Computer users need to take short breaks to look across the room or out the window at regular intervals to lessen eye strain. Keep the computer monitor about 20 inches away from eyes with a slight tilt. Keep monitor free of dust and fingerprints to enhance clarity.   Computer users also tend to not blink as often causing dry eyes. Artificial tears can be used, but also being aware of the tendency can help.  

By Staff Writer 21 Feb, 2017

“In a new lawsuit, a Texas woman is claiming that contact lenses she bought at a flea market left her blind. Liza Garcia purchased cosmetic lenses meant to make her eyes appear a different color. According to the lawsuit, they were Bella brand lenses bought from the booth of One Stop Contact Lenses at the National Flea Market in Lubbock. Garcia claims that three days after her February 2016 purchase of the lenses, her eyes started to swell and burn. The lawsuit states that despite medical treatment, a bacterial infection left her legally blind…..

Rion Sanford, attorney for Garcia, is quoted as saying, “Eventually we were able to determine that Ms. Garcia was injured by product being sold illegally, we also believe the product was defective even beyond just being illegally sold.” EverythingLubbock.com vis Invision, February 2017

While the laws for the safe sale and dispensing of contact lenses may seem unnecessary and unfair, they actually protect the consumer. Contact lenses that are sold without a prescription are illegally sold in most states. Contact lenses are a medical device. Don’t buy them from the beauty supply store, the flea market or the sleazy guy down the street. If not fit properly; if not cleaned and disinfected properly; and if worn incorrectly they can cause irreparable damage and even blindness. BE SAFE. Get your eye exam yearly from an eye doctor and get proper training on cleaning and disinfection and insertion/removal and a proper wearing schedule. Your eyes are worth it.

By Staff Writer 26 Jan, 2017

My great nephew wanted his mom to send me a picture of him wearing his safety goggles. What a cute boy! But truly I'm impressed that his parents are teaching him early about the importance of wearing safety goggles when working with tools. Hardware and building supply stores sell inexpensive goggles that can be worn over prescription glasses or alone. Such a small expense (usually $5 or less) that could save an eye...priceless.

Safety eyewear for sports is a reasonable expen se that again could save your child's vision. I cannot count the number of broken glasses, scratched corneas and lacerated eyebrows that I've seen over the years because the parents wanted to save a little money and sent the child out onto the baseball field, soccer field, etc with their regular dress eyewear. Accidents don't always happen but I wonder if the risk is worth it.

The Spring sports season will be here before you know it. Come see us about sports glasses for your children.

By Staff Writer 26 Jan, 2017

Do children read better with larger font size? Yes. Studies show that they do and if you consider the explanation it makes perfect sense. Children see the larger print better. (Not rocket science, I agree.) Children read faster because of the larger print size and they read more because they’re reading faster. They have better comprehension seemingly because they can actually get information into their brain at a faster pace. They feel more success at their accomplishment of reading an entire article or book quickly. Their success encourages them to read more, and the cycle continues.

If your child is using an Ipad, Kindle, Nook or other electronic device to read, increase the font size for them and watch them soar.

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