Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Kids Zone in Chattanooga, TN
We know that any visit to the doctor can be scary for children, but as a leader in children's eye care Eyear Optical takes every step to keep your child comfortable.

Our offices feature a dedicated "KidsZone" that is designed to put your child at ease and ensure your child's happiness throughout their visit.
Kids Zone Room, Eyeglasses for Kids

Did You Know Staring At Electronic Devices Can Harm Your Child's Eyes?

As a parent, you understand that good vision leads to a more productive life for your child. 

Over-exposure to Blue-Violet light can damage the retina and may lead to long-term damage to your child’s eyes.

Children today are exposed to digital devices that emit a high amount of harmful Blue-Violet light. ROYAL AR Protective Coating kids lenses selectively filters out harmful light while letting good light pass through.

Visit us to ensure your child's eyes are protected from long term damage.
id's Eye Frames
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