Optical Source 

The Optical Source card eliminates the long process of filling out insurance forms, and waiting for the insurance company to process the claim. We are not an insurance company, but rather a benefit provider. There are no claims to file, and your discounted pricing is guaranteed every time you make a purchase. Vision testing is available through our vision care provider once during a 12-month period. Unlike other vision benefit programs that limit you to one pair of eyeglasses every two years, you may purchase as often as you like. You will pay only the low co-pay each time you make a purchase.

Vision Plan Analysis

Exam for Eyeglasses……………..………$20.00 Standard Fee $45.00 **In some cases, your medical history will

Comprehensive Exam for glasses………..$40.00 Standard Fee $65.00 require a more extensive eye exam. Any

Exam for Contact Lenses………………...$40.00 Standard Fee $65.00 additional testing will be at a reduced rate.

Exam for Toric lenses & Multifocals……$55.00 Standard Fee $85.00

Eyeglass Package (Frame & Lenses)

Great Eye Deals Collection Single Vision ……as low as…….$28.95 co-pay

Great Eye Deals Collection Bifocal St-28…….as low as……..$46.95 co-pay

Great Eye Deals is a special collection of frames offered to Optical Source members at an incredible low price. Pricing below will apply to all selections outside of the Great Eye Deals Collection.


Single Vision 1st Div………………Reg. price $74.95 $28.95 co-pay

Bifocal St 28 1st Div………………Reg. price $118.95 $46.95 co-pay

Progressives (generic)……………...Reg. price $229.95 $99.95 co-pay

The optical industry has many options and choices….too many to list. New technology is superior to standard products and though usually more expensive, you will still see great discounts under the Optical Source plan.
Designer Frames:
Retail Prices

                     Up to $124.95                                             $125 - $217.95                        $218 - $599.95   
With Optical Source

 $30 - $63
$69 - $120
$131 - $360
Click Here to see any of our six convenient locations.  (Dr. in Cleveland is not an OS provider)


1. Please make an appointment for your eye exam at one of the locations listed above (Not Cleveland-Dr is not a provider here.) Be sure to let them know that you are an Optical Source member. While these locations accept walk-in patients, a provider doctor may not be available. Making an appointment assures you of seeing a provider doctor to get full benefit of your plan. No appointment is necessary for purchasing eyewear at any location.

2. You must have your member card with you. Optical Source pricing is special and all purchases must be validated with the card. You will notice that only the member name is listed on the card. Rest assured that if you listed a spouse and/or dependents they are included on your plan. The member listed on the card does not need to be present but the spouse or dependent must present the card prior to service/purchase. Refunds or discounts will not be given after the fact.

3. Optical Source pricing is guaranteed to be the lowest for eyewear in the area. From time to time optical stores run sales or specials (even Eyear Optical) and on rare occasions these prices are lower than Optical Source prices. Should you be aware of any lower price on the same item at the time of your purchase, just let your consultant at Eyear know and the store manager will adjust the Optical Source price to below the mentioned price.
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